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Synonyms for hotbed

breeding ground

Words related to hotbed

a situation that is ideal for rapid development (especially of something bad)

a bed of earth covered with glass and heated by rotting manure to promote the growth of plants

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And while they may not provide proof of extraterrestrial hotbed of potential UFO sightings over years.
I said, and I stand by it, that as a player when you get off the bus at Newcastle and Sunderland you feel like you are in a hotbed of football - and you don't get that at Middlesbrough," he reiterated.
According to the RSS, Uttarakhand turned into the hotbed of conversion after it was carved out as a separate state from Uttar Pradesh.
Even then the hotbed is really confined to Tyne and Wear.
It has been bought from NYSE-listed Masco and more than 40 Hotbed members have invested pounds 3.
She eventually obtained the cash from the Creative Advantage Fund - a public sector led venture capital initiative - and Hotbed Media was born.
Dedicated to 'advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts', according to the beginning of its rather long mission statement the institution is based at the Roman Catholic University of Notre Dame architecture school which turns out to have been a hotbed of classical and 'traditional' architecture for the last 12 years.
Top Secrets Revealed: The Hassle Free Approach To Car Buying & Leasing by professional auto buying consultant Marc Vanasse is a hotbed of tips, tricks, and techniques to save the dedicated auto shopper money.
A hotbed of legal activity has surrounded several drugs used to treat the 20 million Americans with osteoarthritis and 2 million people struggling with rheumatoid arthritis nationwide.
American Connie Mason's book The Laird Of Stonehaven portrays the town the birthplace of deep fried Mars bars as a hotbed of passion.
The novel has generated a great deal of press and has likely sparked much discussion on a number of hotbed topics.
Located in the middle of the South Pacific, 2,250 miles from Chile and 2,171 miles from the Galapagos Islands (its closest neighbors), Easter Island is one of the most isolated inhabited places on Earth and a hotbed of anthropological research.
The Sunshine State has long been known to long term care providers as a hotbed of litigation (see "Through the roof," May 2000 CLTC, page 40)--but a Florida appeals court has reined in the state when it comes to lawsuits over nursing home abuse.