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roll, press, forge, or shape (metal) while hot

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These people maintained a big board that showed each hot-work location and the fire watch assigned there.
A welder came to fill out his hot-work chit before 1400 and turned it in.
The fire-watch supervisor attributed part of USS Carl Vinson's success in preventing fires during overhaul to the way they processed hot-work requests.
There also was another reason for USS Carl Vinson staying free from hot-work fires.
Monitor the hot-work areas with daily QA checks and re-checks by the DCA, fire marshal, or safety-division or fire-watch personnel.
These watches must check for and remove all fire hazards around the hot-work area on both sides of the bulkhead.
The ship's-force painters shared the blame for the fire because they didn't post the required warning signs, saying "No Smoking--No Hot-Work.
While hot-work has the greatest potential for causing accidental activation of the system, other work, such as rigging material into or out of a space, also can result in accidental activation.
Question: Is a fire watch always needed when an employee is performing hot-work, such as welding or cutting?
7 meters) to the hot-work in either the horizontal or vertical direction cannot be removed, protected with flameproof covers, or otherwise shielded with metal or fire-resistant guards or curtains.
4) The hot-work is carried out (performed) on or near insulation, combustible coatings, or sandwich-type construction that cannot be shielded, cut back, or removed, or in a space within which a sandwich-type construction cannot be inerted.
6) The hot-work is close enough to cause ignition through heat radiation or conduction on the following:
The standard states that you must evaluate hot-work areas to make sure the area is free of fire hazards (1915.
The fire-watch employee also must have authority to stop the hot-work and assist with fire-prevention activities, such as wetting down a fire blanket, repositioning a fire curtain, and removing combustible debris that has entered the area.
Thyrotherm 2344 Supra, AISI Premium H-13, in the annealed condition, is an electroslag-remelted, hot-work tool steel capable of being heat-treated to high hardness with excellent toughness, and is suitable for molding with excellent polishability where corrosion is not a factor.