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start (a car engine) without a key by bypassing the ignition interlock

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Additionally, hot-wire anemometers calculate the velocity of a flow by a temperature drop of the electrically heated wire caused by the convective heat loss to the inflowing air (ISO 2007).
He was then heard to ask: "Do you know how to hot-wire a car?" Mr Shakoor told the court a man nearby who had heard went inside and phoned police.
Say Tommy hot-wires that truck today and gets fired, and the chairman of the company hires him back.
I couldn't find any around the house the same colour or diameter as the main hot-wire in the RV.
Scurrying across the street, the injured mall attempted to hot-wire a motorcycle, but the bike's owners chased him away (having heard the earlier gunfire, they were also armed and on the way to assist Lisle).
The repossession company can hot-wire your car and drive it away from any location, as long as it doesn't illegally enter your locked garage or physically threaten you.
The NIST data were measured with an absolute transient hot-wire instrument and are the only data available on the PDMS sample at temperatures above 420 K.
If someone tries to hot-wire or push-start the vehicle with the system armed, the battery automatically cuts power output below that needed to start the vehicle.
They select a $50,000 luxury car, hot-wire it and successfully leave the garage with the new car, because the only identification is the ticket stub.
They cover boiling heat transfer and critical heat flux phenomena of nanofluids; modeling for heat transfer of nanofluids using a fractal approach; thermal conductivity enhancement in nanofluids measured with a hot-wire calorimeter; two-phase laminar mixed convection Al2O3-water nanofluid in an elliptic duct; nano-oncology: molecular imaging, omics, and nanoscale flow-mediated medicine tumors strategies; and nanoscale flow applications in medicine.
The Phantom was too heavy to push away, so funeral director, Joel Kerr, ripped the dashboard from the 1968 vehicle and managed to hot-wire the engine, allowing the cortege to drive from the
The hot-wire anemometer employs a probe tipped with an electrically heated sensor typically composed of two platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) or two beaded thermistors.
Sadly, the story is nothing new; a bunch of teenagers hot-wire a car and tear off in it until they either injure themselves or someone else.
The industrial Series of Aixia computer-controlled, hot-wire foam cutters comes from Croma USA, Inc., Miami, Fla.