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a solid bounded by a cylindrical surface and two parallel planes (the bases)

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a surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line

a cylindrical container for oxygen or compressed air

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INSULATE OR REPLACE THE HOT-WATER CYLINDER NEW cylinders for boilers come with a thick layer of built-in iold or more is only around 60-70% efficient, so around 30p-40p of every pound spent on heating and hot water is wasted.
In this arrangement, the water has to be heated by electricity, rather than be taken from the domestic hot-water cylinder. Since the thermal efficiency of a gas central heating boiler at about 80% is about twice that of the grid-connected power station, there will be increased fuel use, C[O.sub.2] emissions and costs for many home owners.
And if you choose a combination boiler, there is no need for a hot-water cylinder. If the cylinder was in the bathroom, you may even free up enough space for a walk-in shower."
Second, the heat pump delivers the heat directly to the main cold-water storage tank which feeds the (existing) hot-water cylinder as normal, and a new cylinder is not required.
A new water cylinder could be just the update your central heating needs, says GEOFF EGGINTON from the Hot Water Association IF YOUR home's central heating system is in need of an update, a new hot-water cylinder will help.
With a combi, you only have to find room for the boiler itself - there's no hot-water cylinder or expansion tank, although some combis have built-in tanks, which can give the higher flow rates needed in bigger properties.
Insulate or replace hot-water cylinder New cylinders for boilers, such as Worcester's Greenstore range, come with a thick layer of built-in insulation, but lots of us have older cylinders that benefit from being fitted with an insulation jacket (at least 75mm thick).