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a stoppered receptacle (usually made of rubber) that is to be filled with hot water and used for warming a bed or parts of the body

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During the cold snap, we tried to take hot-water bottles into the ground, but an over-zealous steward felt they could be used as weapons.
But I ended up taking no notice of it and doing pretty much what I wanted." Just as challenging was the problem of keeping his Polaroid operative in the freezing weather; he carried the camera and film in a metal box cushioned between a pair of hot-water bottles. But the resulting photos were never what he'd imagined ("Nature's horrible when you've got no control"), and he was twice forced to return to London for more film before, on the ast possible day, he made the pictures he'd come for.
John Lewis said the onset of colder weather helped them, with boots, slippers and hot-water bottles among the best sellers.
Though Whiteread began by using objects of modest dimensions as molds (first hot-water bottles like the rubber ones our grandmothers used to slip into their beds in wintertime, and then, perhaps metonymically, mattresses), she soon created Ghost, 1990, a much more imposing work, which consisted of a cast of the four walls of a room, turned inside out like a glove to form a huge and impenetrable white cube.
Two sculptures in this exhibition were both cast in pinkish dental plaster from the insides of hot-water bottles. Here too, the artist emphasizes the anthropological value of objects, and in this case, the resemblance to the human torso.