hot-button issue

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an issue that elicits strong emotional reactions


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Last year's top hot-button issue has moved to the middle, indicating increased comfort with the concept of big data.
And these hot-button issues are just the latest ones to spark a review of whether certain topics belong in the classroom.
Recent current events such as Dubai Ports World's recent bid to acquire US port operations Chinese firm CNOOC's attempt to buy US energy firm Unocal have brought the hot-button issue of foreign direct investment to the media spotlight.
A couple of years ago, the digital divide--generally defined as the schism between those with access to technology and those without--was a hot-button issue.
The committee called for the City Council to draft a comprehensive plan for the Houston area, and then-Mayor Kathy Whitmire, sensing a hot-button issue, formed her own land-use group, the Land Use Strategy Committee.
On May 29, however, the Bush administration, perhaps with one eye on the November elections, sidestepped the hot-button issue and asked that the suit be dismissed on a technicality.
Often these people report having had very black-and-white doctrinaire views, on, for instance, the hot-button issue of homosexuality.
One persistent hot-button issue was the differences between gay Democrats and Republicans.
We must have a dialogue, even a debate concerning this hot-button issue.
Zine has helped shape immigration policy for the National League of Cities since December, when he was appointed to lead the influential local government group's task force on the hot-button issue.
Furthermore, reproductive cloning is a hot-button issue, one that has led some doctors, researchers, and scientific groups, including the National Academy of Sciences, to call for its ban.
But conservatives from both Hawaii and the mainland are beginning to mobilize forces in case the court rules in favor of the hot-button issue.
This weekend on "Meet the Press," Scrat will be grilled by Tim Russert, on the hot-button issue of global warming, a subject Scrat knows all too well from his experiences on ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN.
SANTA CLARITA - The city attorney will pursue vigorous enforcement of laws that prohibit hiring day laborers who are illegal immigrants, a hot-button issue in the news that has been seized upon by Councilman Cameron Smyth as he seeks state office.