hot sauce

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a pungent peppery sauce

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It's a fun take on my original label, while also a respectful nod to the Dia de Muertos holiday tradition," Scott Zalkind, hot sauce guy of Lucky Dog says.
If you want to spice up things and take some risks, throw some Hot Sauce on your wager and win 4 times more chips.
Ben Johnson, marketing director at The Grocery Company, which markets the successful Nando's brand of Pefi-Peri hot sauces, says the whole market has benefited from the halo effect of the pubfidty surrounding Reggae Reggae.
A house-made hot sauce was muy picante, and added a nice zing to the fish.
I started thinking about what makes chilies hot, and came up with this really hot sauce that I would put in their order.
This year, we're taking the IPTSOE challenge and kicking it up a notch with a video contest that will show off the creative and sometimes out-there ways in which hot sauce connoisseurs are using Frank's RedHot.
Who Dares Wins and Dave's Insanity are just two contenders jostling for position in the battle of the super hot sauces.
Based on the success of the first Herr's Hot Sauce Ripple Chip, it is again guaranteed to be one hot item," said Ed Herr, president of Herr's Products, Inc.
National Hot Sauce Day takes place on January 22[sup.
Additionally, demand for hot sauce has been driven by demographic consumption trends, immigration and international demand from Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan.
Drenching food in hot sauce says that your husband likes its taste and likely cannot taste much else.
The saucieres have hired private investigators and filed lawsuits against former customers to find out how they laid hands on the hot hot sauce.
Chef Grandinetti recommends incorporating Texas Pete[R] Chipotle Hot Sauce in your favorite recipes for chicken, burgers and pasta.
The Gold Edition gives hot sauce aficionados more of what they want -- high heat and unforgettable flavor.
Two molecules give Sriracha hot sauce a fiery flavor by tripping a cellular alarm in the mouth that usually signals blazing-hot foods above 42[degrees] Celsius.