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jazz that is emotionally charged and intense and marked by strong rhythms and improvisation

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International acts making their UK debuts include Stockholm Stompers (Sweden), Hot Jazz Alliance (USA/Australia), The Schwings featuring Laura Budreckyte (Lithuania) and Sarah Lenka (France), while domestic newcomers the much-acclaimed Harpers Ferry, Malaya Blue, Blues Engine and emerging songstress Ella Squirrell join the festival lineup.
Coltrane atrapa el viejo sonido del hot jazz y lo explota por dentro lanzandonos a un remolino de experimentacion free mas intenso que el de otros musicos contemporaneos.
Blue Note Records are designed simply to serve the uncompromising expression of hot jazz and swing, in general.
It is anarchic, delirious--all the more so because every aspect of the performance adheres to a hot jazz rhythm.
Backed by a piping hot jazz band, the two artists are lively and feisty at the right spots on this fun and romantic romp.
Compared to newer entrants (jazz-era firms), Phillips claims, older record companies faced greater social costs when recording hot jazz, which he attributes to "groups that were black, more improvisational ('hot' or Dixieland style jazz), and otherwise more innovative," causing the Victorian-era firms to throw a substantial amount of production and marketing support behind symphonic jazz (79).
BY no means typical Valentine's Day fare, a hot jazz gig tonight offers a peculiar kind of romance.
The quartet play a mix of hot jazz styles from the 1920s and 30s.
Sizzling Hot Jazz & Cool White Horses'' at the Llyn Riding Centre, Llaniestyn, will feature a performance by 17 year old violinist Rosa Hartley, a BBC Young Musician award winner in 2011.
The accompanying CD of Intro, Jazz Fly 2, and Outro, performed by Matthew Gollub on drums, with John Santos, percussion, Steve Webber, bass, Cliff Zyskowski, piano, and Ylonda Nickell, saxophone, is a hot jazz combo production with irresistible beat and lively Latin tunes and lines.
The Hot Club of Cowtown, featuring a unique mix of hot jazz and Big Band country music, is a talented musical trio hailing from
What kind of kosher steakhouse is filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at 1 in the morning?
While at first glance it would be tempting to compare portenos' praise of hot jazz to negrismo's "ventriloquism," a closer look reveals that early Argentine criticism engages not in ethnic stagecraft but rather in a kind of ambivalent hermeneutics based on both a perceived affinity with and an insulation from the otherness of jazz.
From there originates the genre Dixie music, also known as hot jazz, early jazz or New Orleans jazz.
Generally performing without a drummer, the group relies on hard-driving rhythm guitar and solid basslines to generate its trademark swing; bandleader and guitarist Whit Smith is conversant in numerous jazz and country guitar styles, and is an accomplished soloist as well as rhythm player, and he sings, beautifully, in a self-consciously retro style; fiddler Elana fames shares lead vocal duties and contributes songs that tend to stray a bit further than Smith's from the mainstream of Western swing and traditional hot jazz.