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newly issued stock that is in great public demand


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It seems surprising that the junk our children can stuff themselves with in school only now seems to have become a hot issue.
If it wishes to remain relevant, the festival needs to look beyond Queen Street West and aggressively court the broader Asian community, and even take a leadership role in the hot issue of media representation.
Heinz, Britvic, Scottish Courage, Shloer and Ilchester Cheese are among the suppliers discussing how you can maximise return on trade investment at The Grocer's first conference on this hot issue.
Mold is a hot issue today, but the problem dates to biblical times.
Cold case" investigations are suddenly a very hot issue ( and represent more than a simple tidying the books exercise by police.
One amendment, the 18th, ratified on January 16, 1919, was the hot issue of the day and attempted to legislate morality by prohibiting the "manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors" within the United States.
Bush and his posse should be tried for treason for the countless crimes they have committed, but Guerriero thinks the hot issue is gay marriage.
Outsourcing tax preparation to other countries is becoming a very hot issue in California and the nation.
Energy policy became a hot issue when electricity prices skyrocketed and blackouts occurred in the West in 2000; then came the Enron debacle and concerns about national security after 9/11.
They also work on the hot issue of integration between Russians and Latvians, a legacy of the Soviet era when the Latvian language was only spoken at home and cultural traditions were not supported.
OK, it's another red hot issue of Horizontal Action, the 'zine that combines the best in garage punk--The Deadly Snakes
According to Joan Punch-Fleming, RN, BSN, who is the director of community services for Senior Independence-Cincinnati, which administers the combined program, "Transportation is always a hot issue.
And reimbursement is a hot issue so we started a newsletter to provide an overview on the overall aspects of reimbursement," Jenkins said.
Homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica and in the past year has become a hot issue throughout much of the Caribbean.
On another hot issue with a strong church-state component--what the religious right incorrectly terms partial-birth abortions--Washington state voters defeated a proposed ban on the procedure 57 percent to 43 percent, while Colorado voters rejected a similar measure 52 percent to 48 percent.