hot cross bun

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moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze


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Marks and Spencerhas launched itsEasterrange and boy does it look delicious, especially the blueberry hot cross buns which smell and taste just like a blueberry muffin.
70, M&S If you aren't partial to sultanas but want to get your hot cross bun fix, these chocolate chip ones are delicious.
3 The presence of hot cross bun sign on T2WI is a powerful tool for diagnosis of MSA-C in appropriate clinical setting.
The current state of currants in the Hot Cross bun is a raisin for prayer," I said to my wise friend the whisky-fancier, perched as always on his stool at the bar of a pub by the haunted river.
While the Scot cross buns - produced in an Asda in Edinburgh - look delicious, the move has led to some head scratching because, if you take a normal hot cross bun and twist it, you end up with a Saltireshaped cross.
A hot cross bun and unlimited tea and coffee will be served at a cost of PS2.
99, the Co-operative)- This wine's aromas of orange peel and dried honey was understated and alongside a mouthful of hot cross bun the sweetness and flavours offset each other really well.
The newer images, from May 22, 2012, on the same flyby as the hot cross bun images, show the shorelines stayed about the same, indicating the northern lakes are not transient weather events, in contrast to the temporary darkening of parts of the equator after a rainstorm in 2010.
HOLIDAY FUN: 18-year-old Wendy admires this oversized Easter egg in 1968; school pupils enjoy some Easter fun in 1981; and pastry chefs Mike Goddard, Mr Patzer and Pater Inger at Birmingham's Albany Hotel in 1981 with a 12-pound hot cross bun EGGHEADS: Mark Bywater, from Beaconside First and Middle School, in a competition in 1986 to find the best decorated and most original egg; and pupils from Ocker Hill Junior School in Tipton in 1984 HAT'S ENTERTAINMENT: Katie Niblett and James Crawford, both aged three, show off their Easter bonnets at Marlbrook Playgroup, Bromsgrove, in 1988 GETTING AHEAD: Christopher Stonehall, five, from Moons Moat School in Redditch, with an Easter chick on his head gear in 1985.
Denser than the commercial hot cross bun, the Alban Bun claims to be the precursor to the modern version.
During Easter week, hot cross bun production in the Treforest bakery rises a massive 600%.
Warburtons' Hot Cross Bun Loaf is being brought back to life in time for Easter.