hot chocolate

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a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

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The Birmingham Post is making life in the city even easier this week by offering readers a 2-for-1 on coffees, teas and hot chocolates at Caf Blend, Navigation Street, Birmingham.
99 - in line with Cadbury, Green & Black's and Mars' hot chocolate offerings, said Shafi.
Granted, Starbucks's ordinary Hot Chocolate isn't exactly diet food.
Choose between a fine "Abuela" (grandmother's) hot chocolate and a spice-laden Mayan blend.
In 1831, a young Quaker from Birmingham, John Cadbury, opened a small shop, producing its own hot chocolate, signalling the rise of the now famous Cadbury company - and the rest is history.
If you want to be sure to avoid all caffeine, you'll need to avoid cocoa and hot chocolate.
Sunbeam plans to appeal to families with children with its Cocomotion hot chocolate maker.
The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker centers around Kara Johnson, a young spirit-filled girl who receives a Nutcracker filled with hot chocolate for the holidays.
I WAS sad to hear of the death of Errol Brown, former lead singer of Hot Chocolate.
aS aS the nights begin to draw in and the nights begin to draw in and temperatures drop, nothing is more temperatures drop, nothing is more relaxing than a piping-hot mug of hot chocolate in front of the telly.
AN ELDERLY woman suffered burns to her face after being showered in hot chocolate when a tin of pudding exploded.
The Stir in Hot Chocolate range is presented in flow wrapped packaging featuring eye catching visual references to each of the flavours to encourage maximum shelf shout.
com)-- To make hot chocolate like a Mexican grandmother makes it, you need to have a molinillo [moh-lee-NEE-oh] and use Mexican chocolate.
The company has capabilities in hot chocolate, coffee and milk substitutes as well as sports drinks, dilutable cordials, energy drinks, juices and smoothies.
After your walk through these natural winter wonderlands, Culture Club members can enjoy a free cup of creamy hot chocolate in the tea room.