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a harsh or humorous critic (sometimes intended as a facetious compliment)

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flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting

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We are starting to learn how long it may take for hot Jupiter migration to occur," said de Wit.
The fact that the first two exoplanets with measured spectral albedo exhibit significant differences demonstrates the importance of these types of spectral observations and highlights the great diversity among hot Jupiters," concludes Bell.
Nowhere is this migration more certain than in cases involving hot Jupiters and hot Neptunes: these gas giants would have a hard time forming so close to their stars, because stellar winds would strip their atmospheres away.
HD 189733b is the closest hot Jupiter to Earth, which makes it a prime target for astronomers who want to learn more about this type of exoplanet and the atmosphere around it.
After Marcy and Butler had tasted success with the discovery of a Hot Jupiter orbiting 51 Pegasi, they were encouraged to accelerate their search for more extrasolar planets.
Beyond the search for alien life, hot Jupiters offer (http://www.
Current 3D models of hot Jupiter atmospheres suggest that grains of this heavy molecule should be circulated by fast winds, allowing gaseous titanium oxide to reach the observable upper atmosphere.
In the mid-August Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Retter and his colleagues argue that the consumption of even a single hot Jupiter could account for the multistage outburst.
De Wit says that alternative theories for how hot Jupiters form -- in which gas giants develop close to their stars or smoothly spiral inward with the help of planet-forming disks -- may be more likely explanations for hot Jupiter evolution.
But astronomers have theorized that a hot Jupiter might be able to prolong this stellar activity.
The study is the first to demonstrate how the hot Jupiter planets halt their inward march on stars.
The new planet with a trio of stars is a hot Jupiter that circles its primary star tightly, completing one lap every three days.
A well-studied example of the former is HD 189733b, a hot Jupiter 63 light-years away.
But there's a catch: a hot Jupiter has a good chance of becoming tidally locked, like the Moon around Earth.
They are not fitting neatly into our models and are more diverse than we thought," said Nikole Lewis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, lead author of a new study examining one such hot Jupiter called HAT-P-2b.