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Synonyms for hostile

Synonyms for hostile

of or engaged in warfare

inclined to act in a hostile way

feeling or showing unfriendliness

Synonyms for hostile

troops belonging to the enemy's military forces

characterized by enmity or ill will

not belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally


impossible to bring into friendly accord

very unfavorable to life or growth

unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business)

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Hostile Planet promises viewers with the next generation of wildlife filmmaking, acknowledging the world is rapidly changing and that the challenges animals face are different than how they have always been.
The petitions committee decided yesterday to ask the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Julie James AM, to clarify the planning application rules around the use of hostile architecture.
She alleged that discrimination and sexual harassment by the prison's corrections officers made her work environment hostile and that she was retaliated against for complaints about the hostile work environment and for other whistleblowing.
Earlier, SANA reporter said that the air defenses confronted a number of the hostile targets over the space of Damascus western countryside.
"The hostile forces are foolishly keen on vicious sanctions to stand in our way towards promotion of people's wellbeing and development and to lead us to change and submission," the North Korean leader said.
The Democratic Alliance (DA) said that it would fight any hostile takeover of the country's central bank.
"A number of border guards were ambushed by a group of hostile elements during a patrol on the road of the village of Bulhasan in the border area," Falahi said.
The anti-graft court granted the motion of Revilla's camp to declare Sunas as a 'hostile witness' since she had an 'adverse interest' against him.
'We have busted many terrorists' networks and we know how these networks are being supported by hostile agencies.
Published in Mass Communication & Society, "When social media become hostile media: An experimental examination of news sharing, partisanship and follower count," the study also examines how Republicans and Democrats perceive bias of a news story differently depending on how many followers a Twitter account has.
BIRMINGHAM MP Liam Byrne has hit back at Prime Minister Theresa May - after she tried to blame him for the "hostile environment" policy linked to the Windrush scandal.
BIRMINGHAM MP Liam Byrne has hit back at Prime Minister Theresa May after she tried to blame him for the "hostile environment" policy linked to the Windrush scandal.
Being Kurdish in a Hostile World is Ayub Nuris firsthand account of what life was like growing up Kurdish during the Iran-Iraq War as well as a description of the American invasion and the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime.
Considering the hostile Indo-Pak relations that only seem to worsen with every passing day, a friendly cricket match could have in some way or the other helped to ease the tensions between the two.