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Synonyms for hosteller

an owner or manager of hotels

a traveler who lodges in hostels

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This incident is widely reported in the literature, see Victor Peters, All Things Common: The Hutterian Way of Life (New York: Harper and Row, 1965), 44; Hosteller, Hutterite Society, 130; and Conkin, Two Paths, 59.
Bowman, On the Backroad to Heaven: Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish and Brethren (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001), 133-136; Hosteller, Amish Society, 12-19.
There is no need to recount how these charges are true; books have been written about it, most especially those by former Congressman Paul Findlay and the recent study by Mearsheimer and Walt, Grant Smith's America's Defense Line, John Hosteller on the Iraq war, Aaron David Miller on the peace process, and Stephen Sniegoski's Transparent Cabal.
Also lending solid support within the ensemble are Peter Dillard as the perennially drunk Willy Nilly and Keri Hosteller as his always forgiving young bride, Mrs.
John Hosteller will do the work to fight for lower taxes and spending and for more freedom in Washington.
The results of our study suggest that the frequency of substance use is high among men and hosteller students as compared to females and day scholars, respectively.
He was an ardent youth hosteller and cyclist, and every summer of the 1930s saw him exploring Europe.
Table-1: Mean values of BMI & Anxiety scores Gender Hosteller/ N BMI P value Day Scholars Male Hostellers 40 22.
The student, who was a hosteller, had killed himself on a trip home to his native place in Ahmednagar's Rahuri district.
Chopra, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia Panelists: Constance McGeorge, Special Assistant to the Governor, Commonwealth Preparedness; Sanford Hosteller, ITS Manager, Virginia Dept.
I think his family was not very well off as he had joined the IIT on an MCM ( merit- cum- means) scholarship," another fellow hosteller said.
These hostellers are mostly OBC, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students.
Sample this: 19- year- old Gunjan ( name changed), a Delhi University ( DU) student, consumed 30 i pills ( an emergency contraceptive tablet) after accidentally conceiving, and bled so heavily that she had to be rushed to hospital by fellow hostellers.