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Synonyms for hosteller

an owner or manager of hotels

a traveler who lodges in hostels

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This incident is widely reported in the literature, see Victor Peters, All Things Common: The Hutterian Way of Life (New York: Harper and Row, 1965), 44; Hosteller, Hutterite Society, 130; and Conkin, Two Paths, 59.
68) Honeste is mistress of the novices, and Curtasye the hosteller, accompanied in her work by Symplese.
The student, who was a hosteller, had killed himself on a trip home to his native place in Ahmednagar's Rahuri district.
Chopra, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia Panelists: Constance McGeorge, Special Assistant to the Governor, Commonwealth Preparedness; Sanford Hosteller, ITS Manager, Virginia Dept.
I think his family was not very well off as he had joined the IIT on an MCM ( merit- cum- means) scholarship," another fellow hosteller said.
150 Hostellers , 500 day scholars as well as 250 staff members of C-DAC at Mohali.
The trio was last seen by some fellow hostellers reportedly in an inebriated condition.
Those hostellers who had developed obesity/overweight after coming to the hostel were chosen as subjects.
I still haven't quite managed to shake the cold my fellow hostellers in Montreal kindly shared with me and so where I'm getting ready for another quiet night in, my fellow backpackers and roommates are rousing themselves from late evening siestas in order to bit the bars and clubs outside.
Bermondsey-based Journeys installs scores of its micro-cell bunk beds for hostellers who can boost landlords' food and drink takings through their added custom.
Duties such as washing-up and cleaning -once required of all hostellers - are now limited to making your bed and stripping it the following morning.
I couldn't tell if Carolyn felt the same kind peace around me as I did around her, but she didn't seem to mind my hanging around and lying on the vector-borne couch in the lobby of the hostel after my shift at the Luncheonaire while she talked on the phone and monkeyed with her hair and made sport of the hostellers.
The Provost Boys Hostels informed that after necessary repair and whitewash all hostels have been reopened from today with the start of shuttle bus services for the hostellers.
The demographic of hostellers has also changed significantly in recent years.