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Synonyms for hostage

Synonyms for hostage

a prisoner who is held by one party to insure that another party will meet specified terms


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But he's a hostage, you say, for Stanley's good conduct.
Our strength was now thus ordered for the expedition: first, the captain, his mate, and passenger; second, the two prisoners of the first gang, to whom, having their character from the captain, I had given their liberty, and trusted them with arms; third, the other two that I had kept till now in my bower, pinioned, but on the captain's motion had now released; fourth, these five released at last; so that there were twelve in all, besides five we kept prisoners in the cave for hostages.
When I showed myself to the two hostages, it was with the captain, who told them I was the person the governor had ordered to look after them; and that it was the governor's pleasure they should not stir anywhere but by my direction; that if they did, they would be fetched into the castle, and be laid in irons: so that as we never suffered them to see me as governor, I now appeared as another person, and spoke of the governor, the garrison, the castle, and the like, upon all occasions.
So I caused Friday and the two hostages, for they were now discharged, their comrades having performed their promise; I say, I caused them to go to the cave, and bring up the five men, pinioned as they were, to the bower, and keep them there till I came.
To comply with this request of holding a few as hostages for the surrender of the whole body, was deemed inconsistent with his instructions; but, as there could be no objection to allow a small number of them to return to their homes, permission was given to them to choose ten for the District of Minas (Horton) and ten for the District of Canard (Cornwallis) to whom leave of absence was given for one day, and on whose return a similar number were indulged in the same manner.
Poor Tamoszius was a man without any relatives, and with a wonderful talent besides, and he ought to have made money and prospered; but he had fallen in love, and so given hostages to fortune, and was doomed to be dragged down too.
M'Kay, accompanied by a few of the men, went on shore to a large village to visit Wicananish, the chief of the surrounding territory, six of the natives remaining on board as hostages.
TAP) - Ukrainian police on Saturday freed the remaining hostages being held in a post office by an man believed to be strapped with explosives, and arrested the hostage taker after an hours-long standoff in the city of Kharkiv.
One person died and two constables sustained injuries after the Rawalpindi police conducted an operation and rescued a family taken hostage in the Mor Gah neighbourhood on Saturday morning, according to Express News.
Buada said he did not allow Sumalpong to go by himself and covered him while he retrieved the wounded hostage.
10, local police and SWAT teams surrounded ACU's branch on the campus of University of Alabama where Cedrick Lamar Collins of Tuscaloosa took 10 credit union employees hostage after demanding money.
Some accounts said all six people taken hostage were injured and hospitalized, but none said whether they were injured by their captor or by the officers charging his position.
PARIS, July 26 (KUNA) -- French elite, anti-terrorist police quickly ended a hostage-taking in a Church in the southern suburbs of Rouen, Normandy, but one hostage was killed along with the two hostage-takers in the operation, media sources said Tuesday.
To curtail outbreaks of war in the future, each leader must offer into hostage one of their children.
Only one day before the hostage crisis, then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu had claimed that everything was under control in Iraq.