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a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital

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In Birmingham, hospital trains would transport the wounded to large military hospitals, such as the 1st Southern General Hospital based at The University of Birmingham, that were developed to treat the flood of casualties.
While McParlin demonstrated innovation in relying on the hospital train to remove the wounded, the campaign proved that the trains could not substitute for an effective system on the battlefield.
We were then taken by ambulance to Crepy, where they loaded us into a hospital train and we were off .
Panova's first successful work was Sputniki (1946; translated as The Train, 1948), describing the lives of a group of people working on a hospital train during World War II.
The journey by hospital train from Southampton had taken more than eight hours.
I was put on a hospital train which took us to Leicester and ended up at hospital where I had further treatment.
They were on stretchers side by side in the dressing station - first stop for the wounded - in adjacent bunks in the hospital train that took them back to Britain, in next door beds at a London hospital and just days after Alec was taken to Barnsley's Beckett hospital, Jack turned up there as well.
Much of this has been invested in renovating and equipping five new carriages to replace the old Lifeline Express hospital train in India.
He was born on an army hospital train en route from Lwow to Wilno.
Contract awarded for holy cross hospital train milk formulas purchase required for hospitalized patients and patients pain relief program, net securities trading, freight included
Clarence Gomberg , 78th Hospital Train, recounts witnessing a fatal German attack on a clearly marked hospital train, in violation of the Geneva Convention.
World War I has changed everything for Rob and Millie, their dad is missing in action and they are desperately searching the hospital trains returning to Edinburgh with the wounded.
IN READING YOUR MAGAZINE, I have not seen any article about the army hospital trains with the retractable wheel base, used in World War II.
Today Jan is the chief instructor at the Army Medical Services Training Centre in York, where a simulated hospital trains military nursing personnel for deployment to Afghanistan.
The hospital trains doctors from all of Africa, which should help to ensure that the benefits of the initiative are widespread.
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