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a male hospital attendant who has general duties that do not involve the medical treatment of patients


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Our hidden camera captured visuals which proved that blood tests in the laboratory of AIIMS were being done by laboratory and hospital attendants.
But while she was at the ceremony, a hospital attendant spotted the presenter's car incorrectly parked in a disabled bay.
Perhaps no work has meant more to Sylvan than Adams's "The Wound-Dresser," a piece composed expressly for him and set to a passage from Walt Whitman's Drum-Taps about a hospital attendant who administers to the dying during the Civil War.
In A Mind That Found Itself (1908), Beers, who had been taken ill three years after his graduation from Yale, told of his experiences in various mental institutions and his final recovery in the home of a kindly hospital attendant.
Tenders are invited for Hospital Attendant Services West Zone
Her mother Judith was a psychiatric nurse from Liverpool who moved to the States and married hospital attendant Jerome Berry.
Tenders are invited for Hospital Attendant Services for West Zone hospital Providing hospital attendants for (names of hospitals under cluster) a.
The assailants immediately fled the spot," a hospital attendant told the police.
The Blanchardstown Hospital attendant told the Irish Mirror: "I'm big into cars so it would have been really embarrassing if the answer hadn't come to me.
Tenders are invited for Making changing Room for hospital attendant near garbage lift lobby from ground floor to 6th floorin Electrical work in connection with S/R to CDER.
But the baby was later found by a hospital attendant, alive and kicking.
A hospital attendant who was twice attacked by a psychiatric patient was awarded pounds 38,000 damages yesterday.
Tenders are invited for Providing of Hospital Attendant Services for West Zone hospitals
To provide round the clock services of medical, paramedical, Supervisors (Non workmen category) & auxiliary staff (workmen category-Ward Ayah/Ward Boy (Semi-skilled worker) at Anuvijay Township and First Aid Centre at KKNPP Site and housekeeping work at KKNPP Hospital along with consumables by providing hospital attendant (Unskilled workers).
Tenders are invited for Industrial Locker Workmen Cabinets With 12 Compartment For Female Hospital Attendant And Female S/W Staff, Size-78 H X 36 W X 20 D Of Ms Sheet Of 20 Guage For Door And Body Size Of Each Compartment 18 X 12 X 20 .
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