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a cry of praise or adoration (to God)

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We're with the masses calling "Hosanna" and later "Crucify." We're with our brothers and sisters sitting in equally uncomfortable silence in the pew next to us, figuratively if not literally holding hands against the dark week to come.
K: That's a big thought, that "Hosanna" and "Crucify" are somehow connected together.
It was a dream and you were walking through a field of hosannas
Only the infinitely blossoming hosannas of the emptiness within,
Vice President Al Gore's report on "reinventing government" was released to the usual hosannas that greet declarations of war on waste in Washington.
Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, the flow of the East River suggests the flux of eternity, so too for the verbal bridge across the continent, with the Mississippi River draining the land north to south, as seen most insistently in one of the most successful sections of the poem, "The River." The ends of these rivers of time are, of course, the oceans of eternity into which they flow, "Meeting the Gulf, hosannas silently below."
That scientists from six laboratories worldwide reported a reaction brought hosannas from many practitioners of homeopathic medicine, a 200-year-old practice that has endured criticism for its use of infinitesimal doses of drugs to stimulate a cure.
The just-about universal hosannas that greeted Lee's performance in Mary Poppins are not only a tribute to him--they're also an indication of how much we miss his kind of performing.
I watch the dove that has always flown among hosannas.
Forgive me if I don't join in the general hosannas for Washington's favorite power player, Colin Powell, who was aptly dubbed "America's most overrated man" by journalist Christopher Hitchens.
The day is now long past, but as Steven Watts reminds us in his valuable if uneven study, Walt Disney and his works once received adoring hosannas from the intelligentsia.
We continue with our songs of Hosannas to the God of power and might who fills the heaven and earth with God's glory.
Hosannas to Ridley Scott, who made a star out of Sigourney Weaver by rigging her in a tight jumpsuit and launching her into space.
When the restoration of "Classic Coke" was greeted with hosannas, ironically turning the greatest marketing blunder of all time into a commercial triumph, one executive said: "Some critics will say Coca-Cola made a marketing mistake.
Among conservative activists the departure of the groundbreaking comedy--whose star, Ellen De Generes, and her character, Ellen Morgan, came out as lesbian last year--is cause for hosannas. After their embarrassment in March over American Airlines, in which they falsely claimed to have forced the carrier to change its pro-gay policies, religious conservatives see the demise of Ellen as a real victory and the answer to their prayers.