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Synonyms for horseshoer

a person who shoes horses


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Confessions of a Horseshoer is engaging and offers readers an intelligently down-home look at a profession -- and lifestyle -- most people know nothing about.
He worked as a horseshoer, farmer and truck driver.
Top right, a horseshoer examines a hot one while working at the anvil.
Additional equipment often includes a heavy shoeing apron to protect the horseshoer and an anvil to shape the horseshoes.
Among his neighbors were two blacksmiths, a horseshoer, an edge tool maker, a brass foundry, a saw filer, a carpenter, a non-Chinese laundry, a wholesale druggist, and several residences.
5 Embalmer 2 Horse trainer 1 Horseshoer 2 Teacher aide I 2 Youth development practitioner 1.
Macatl went on to become part of the Nahuatl compound word for many things equine, such as macacalli for stable, macacacti for horseshoer, and this mouthful--macatepoztziquahuaztli--for curry comb.
Her sister Julia was given, the horse while working for the horseshoer, but since she already had a horse, she gave the new pony to Katie.
After discovering the beautiful symmetry of words like HORSESHOER and INTESTINES in Language On Vacation (Dmitri Borgmann, 1965), 1 spent many hours scouring the Oxford English Dictionary for new examples.
farrier--A person who cares for horses' feet, including trimming and nailing on horseshoes; a horseshoer.
PALMDALE -- A Palmdale horseshoer injured in a head-on crash on a problem stretch of Sierra Highway was awarded a $199,000 settlement Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
He had worked for the Lane County Sheriff's Department and as a saddle maker, wagon builder, cowboy and horseshoer.
A farrier -- or horseshoer -- by trade for the last 11 years, Warner travels in his horseshoe rig -- a pickup truck equipped with an oven, anvil, and dozens of steel and plastic horseshoes.
Get too loud, and they're apt to kick you or step on your foot just to make a point, the 78-year-old horseshoer says.