horseshoe bat

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any of numerous bats of the family Hipposideridae of northwest Africa or Philippines or Australia having a horseshoe-shaped leaf on the nose

a bat of the family Rhinolophidae having a horseshoe-shaped leaf on the nose

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A greater horseshoe bat in France is known to have reached 32 years of age, making the Brown's Folly bat the oldest known alive in Britain.
Owners Estelle and John Ryder said: "We are very proud to have worked with the park authority, Natural Resources Wales and Magnox in order to protect this listed building and the population of the lesser horseshoe bat."
The trust has worked to accommodate the plum-sized bat - smaller than the related greater horseshoe bat, roughly the size of a pear - by acquiring and adapting buildings as nature reserves.
The money is being pumped into a three-year conservation project, Beacon for Bats, aimed at boosting lesser horseshoe bat numbers.
A RARE greater horseshoe bat amazed experts by flying 100 miles - as the species is well-known for being lazy.
Ponds provide feeding areas for the lesser horseshoe bat.
In the first programme, Iolo explores some of the best sites for spotting wildlife in the south as well as visiting some rare and protected species, such as the lesser horseshoe bat, in their own habitats.
Recent wildlife and habitat gains included arable field margins, Deptford Pink wildflowers, Sand Lizards and the Lesser Horseshoe Bat, she said.
However, the developer will now have to spend an extra E120,000 after the site was found to be an important roost for the protected Lesser Horseshoe Bat.
The attic space in the coach house building is home to the largest and rarest colony of bats, the Lesser Horseshoe Bat, in Europe.
Gama Construction finished building the EUR100,000 cave - home to the EU-protected Lesser Horseshoe Bat - last month.
In this first programme, he explores some of the best sites for spotting wildlife in the south, as well as visiting some rare species, such as the lesser horseshoe bat. His opening trek takes him from west to east, starting with a grey seal colony and red deer at Ramsey Island off St Davids, moving inland to hear the sounds of the snipe below Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons and finishing with the courtship rituals of great crested grebes around Llandegfedd Reservoir near Pontypool.
There are eight species of bat on the reserve including the rare Lesser Horseshoe Bat. Jacinta Challinor the wildlife education officer for NEW Wildlife says during the walk they will also set up a moth trap to catch some of the different moths.
As part of works on the EUR191million Ennis bypass in Co Clare, Gama Construction is building a home for the EU-protected Lesser Horseshoe bat.