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Synonyms for horsemint

an annual horsemint of central and western United States and northern Mexico

tall erect perennial or annual having lanceolate leaves and heads of purple-spotted creamy flowers

a coarse Old World wild water mint having long leaves and spikelike clusters of flowers

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3), and further, lacking in some important savanna associates (e.g., lanceleaf coreopsis, butterfly weed, horsemint) while retaining others (wild lupine, big bluestem, common milkweed; Table 3).
The 30 people who attended saw and sampled a variety of locally-grown weeds and plants, including oxalis (which looks like a shamrock and has an acidic taste), daylilies (often used in Chinese cuisine, but some species can be toxic) and horsemint (which has white/purplish flowers, a strong scent and flavor comparable to garden mint).
2008) this field was dominated by Eragrostis trichodes (thread love grass) which had an importance value (I.V.) of 97.4, with Strophostyles helvula (wild bean) and Monarda punctata (horsemint) ranking second and third in I.V.
Bee balm Monarda didyma, is also known as bergamot, Oswego tea, and horsemint. It is in the mint family (Lamiaceae), and was one of the many native American herbs used as a substitute for black tea following the Boston Tea Party.
Monarda punctata L., Spotted bee balm, horsemint (C, RR).