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the flesh of horses as food

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Andronicos Sideras, 55, was found guilty of conspiring with two others, Alex Beech and Ulrik Nielsen, to defraud for a sum total AaAaAeAaAaAeAeAaAaAaAeAa*1 between January 1 and November 30, 2012, by introducing 30 tonnes of horsemeat into the food chain.
Andronicos Sideras, 55, a co-owner of meat firm Dinos & Sons, mixed 30 tons of cheap horsemeat with beef then sold it on to to be used in ready meals and pies.
The alleged fraud came months before the 2013 horsemeat scandal that led to thousands of products being pulled from the shelves of major supermarkets.
Two years ago millions of burgers and processed meals were cleared from UK supermarkets after horsemeat was discovered in top-selling brands.
They were arrested following raids at Farmbox Meats at the height of the horsemeat scandal in 2013, although no charges have been brought against them following that investigation.
Aled Owen, of JCP Solicitors in Swansea, who is representing Raw-Rees and Patterson, said: "My clients were arrested on an allegation relating to the sale of horsemeat - no such charges have been brought against them.
It has seen a 20% boost in sales of its products in Asda stores across these regions since a number of beef products from well-known suppliers were found to contain traces of horsemeat in mid-January 2013.
Horsemeat in "beef" dishes was confirmed in products found in Britain, Ireland, France, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
She says: Britain should consider eating horsemeat.
The 63-year-old princess, who is the president of World Horse Welfare said at its annual meeting in London that a horsemeat trade could boost welfare standards by giving horses a financial value.
But it said the marKet saw ready meal sales plunge by as much as 40% when the horsemeat scandal emerged early this year - after traces of horse DNA were found in frozen beefburgers sold by retail chains Tesco, Iceland, Aldi and Lidl.
2 Sisters Food Group said sales of ready meals continued to struggle after the scandal in January, even though no traces of horsemeat have been found in its products.
The EU's health commissioner is in favour of a new round of Europe-wide DNA tests to check for the presence of horsemeat in beef products, following a scandal earlier this year that rocked confidence in food safety standards.
SUPERMARKET giant Tesco was left counting the cost of the horsemeat scandal as it revealed falling UK sales after a slump in demand for frozen and chilled convenience food.
The European Commission wants a stricter penalty system to apply across the EU for frauds similar to that of horsemeat mislabelled as beef, Health and Commissioner Tonio Borg said, on 16 April in Strasbourg.