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skill in handling and riding horses

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The training programme is based on Pat's observations of horse behaviour, psychology and communication, and aims to raise the level of horsemanship for the benefit of both horse and rider.
Alison Johnson started the business in 2004 having trained in horsemanship alongside some of the country's top professionals, including notable horseman Monty Roberts.
We also embrace natural horsemanship techniques -- no artificial aids, no crops, no spurs.
My perspective of horsemanship has changed so much from the first few rides I had at the age of four until this day, as the owner in charge of her own stables and teams," Shaikha Hessa writes.
Horsemanship through life; a trainer's guide to better living and better riding.
Agra/Auas Vet Med, together with Executive Equest brought the very best horse training to Namibia as Iain Davis is visiting Namibia for the second time to train horse owners after the success of the 2011 Horsemanship Clinic.
Al-Oufi pointed out that the horsemanship was a traditional, historic and deeply rooted sport in the Kingdom.
Therapeutic horsemanship also includes a wider spectrum of disabilities and needs that a skilled therapy horse and certified instructor can address to help clients improve their cognitive, emotional, social, and/or behavior skills.
Teams designate three riders to compete in Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, and Trail; and two riders each for reining and cutting classes.
Since then it's turned into a thriving hub of Arabian heritage and natural horsemanship.
Saturday, Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship, 21126 Chatsworth St.
In a story teeming with hot air balloons, love and tragedy, the horsemanship especially stands out, as do the battle scenes which play out like a brutal ballet.
A sort of self-help book heavily inspired by the equine race, Coates' writing shows that perhaps embracing horsemanship is just what some people need to enhance their life.