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Synonyms for horseman


Synonyms for horseman

a person who breeds and cares for horses

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The Horseman's Song contains the elements of a classic whodunit, but the novel's primary attraction is its setting and characters.
Derek was apparently given the nickname 'Horseman' so his sons didn't have to call him 'dad' in public, according to rock n' roll legend.
Champion Intermediate Horseman (ages 11-13) went to Sierra Wilson, with Lena Stokich receiving a Reserve Champion ribbon in this category.
"It felt like a fun thing to try, to have a show called BoJack Horseman and have no BoJack Horseman for an episode," Bob-Waksberg said.
When the victims came forward to report what had happened to them years ago, Horseman initially denied it and claimed they were just looking for compensation.
The team infiltrate his media launch but the trick is on the Horsemen and Dylan is exposed as the Fifth Horseman to his boss.
Sammy and the Headless Horseman is a ghostly mystery novel for young adults, perfect for the Halloween season.
He was a wonderful thinking jockey and a great horseman with beautiful hands."
Last Friday, the day Season 3 of BoJack Horseman was released on Netflix, I watched the entire, 12-episode run in one sitting.
the fifth Horseman, but in fact our heroes' powers could plausibly gain them entry to Professor Xavier's academy in X-Men .
Gaithersburg, MD, April 15, 2016 --( Practical Horseman, in collaboration with Kent Nutrition Group (makers of Kent and Blue Seal horse feeds) and Absorbine[R], is pleased to announce that Madison Brown of South Carolina has won the 'Ultimate RK3DE Experience' Contest.
Gary Royston Horseman, 58, was found dead at the Madryn Arms in Chwilog, near Pwllheli.
Distant Horseman is an instrumental music CD created to stir contemplation of the greater totality of life, the challenges that face individuals, and the unknowable span of the universe.
Adam Gillett, 19, and George Horseman, 21, have each been given an eight-year sentence for putting the boy through the ordeal after chasing him on the Taff Trail.
Vikki Horseman, aged 19, from Tividale, spoke out after her former 80-year-old lover, Mohammed Rafiq, was found guilty of launching the attack on her after she dumped him.