horseless carriage

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an early term for an automobile

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It was not possible to adapt the tack used to connect horses to wagons for use in the new horseless carriages.
Shutterbugs with an eye for vintage vehicles will have plenty to shoot over the next few days, courtesy of the Portland regional group of the Horseless Carriage Club of America.
Named the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of Curiosities, it houses a bizarre museum of outlandish gadgets, inventions and knick-knacks.
His day job is helping to assemble M1 Abrahams tanks for the Egyptian Army, opposite ends of the horseless carriage family to radio racing cars if ever there was one.
1896: The rst horseless carriage show took place at the Imperial Institute in London.
The horse-collar grille was obviously not a good idea on this modern horseless carriage.
closely examines the advances and changes in automotive technology from the horseless carriage to the present, tracking how that technology was reflected in the mechanic's occupation, including its membership according to class, race and gender and the training and education afforded for each.
Especially since we're still pretty bogged down in the horseless carriage quagmire in which print graphic designers are only able to think of the new thing in terms of the old.
There is practically no other technological device that has changed our societal lifestyle as much as the car did from the late nineteenth century, when the first horseless carriage was merely a curiosity on the road to the astonishingly shaped vehicles of the twenty-first century.
The Horseless Carriage WHFA Retailer Resource Center
The internal combustion engine would shortly be combined with a horseless carriage, and diesel and gasoline refined from crude oil would power the new transportation device.
Professor Kinney offers a comprehensive and superbly organized history of the transportation manufacturing industry that preceded the coming of the automobile from its beginnings in American shops down to the final conference in 1926 of the Carriage Builders National Association which marked the triumph of the horseless carriage over that of its horse-drawn predecessor.
A year later, he brought in Hawaii's first shipment of Tin Lizzies, staking his future on the horseless carriage.