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hair taken from the mane or tail of a horse

a fabric made from fibers taken from the mane or tail of horses

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Lastly, the horsehair bunches, in natural blond and Rit 'golden yellow', were stitched together with a piece of artificial sinew and 8/o blue pony beads.
Everlast gloves have either foam or horsehair padding, although there is a third type which combines the two filling.
Remains of a horsehair tree have been discovered at the old pithead - now known as Claybrookes Marsh - by University of Warwick students.
last quarter 19th century, mountain sheep hide foundation covered with ermine strips, the red trade cloth brow band with brass shoe buttons, the horns completely covered in silk ribbons, with red dyed horsehair drop, Ig.
The first is a Philip Somerville disc-shaped black and white hat made out of straw, with a woven horsehair brim intersected with black and white feather plumes.
It's traditional in Japan for people to mark the occasion by painting their wishes on paper using a thick horsehair brush and ink made from charcoal, with the ornate handwriting a prized skill.
Which of us does not yearn for a vest knitted from finest horsehair? Which fool would turn down the chance of soft furnishings lovingly crafted from a bale of straw and some cow dung?
The Seattle singer performs alongside Pure Horsehair.
German-born Daniel Sinsel, aged 29, experiments with materials such as horsehair, precious stones and horns on painted canvas, which often feature homoerotic scenes in traditional landscapes.
For example, tropos (commissioned for Dia Center for the Arts in 1993), an intensely sensory experience generated primarily by a vast pelt of horsehair, eclipsed the conceptual, represented in the form of texts that were erased--literally burned--by an attendant moving an electric burin across the pages of books; barely audible and teasingly incomprehensible, the voice, in the form of an intermittent recording, was relegated to the perimeter, its source concealed behind the translucent but not transparent windows veiling the world beyond.
The judge said the claim "led to the faintly surreal experience of three gentlemen in horsehair wigs examining the meaning of such phrases as `mish mish man' and `shizzle my nizzle'."
He said: ''There was only very light damage because he had a very old three-piece suite which was filled with horsehair, a natural fibre, as opposed to the man-made foam they use now.
Note that the ankle bells have three rows combined with leg bells, ankle furs and wide quilled knee bands that are trimmed with tin cones of red dyed horsehair. His legs are heavily decorated.