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Synonyms for horsefly

winged fly parasitic on horses

large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals

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Horsefly victim Elaine Lawrence wrote: "48 hours after I got bitten, the bites were purple and swollen.
HOW TO AVOID A HORSEFLY BITE UNFORTUNATELY for sun seekers, these flies are not especially inhibited by insect repellent, so the best way to stop your summer being ruined by a painful bite, is to cover up with long layers and keep your windows closed during the day.
Professor Colin Garner, chief executive ofAntibiotic Research UK(ANTRUK) said: "Here is a prime example of why we need to develop new medications fast to keep up with our changing climate and unexpected situations such as a horsefly bite epidemic.
A horsefly with a distinctive golden hue is named after the singer--Plinthina beyonceae and hundreds of other bugs and plants also have celebrity-inspired names.
Having spent years in Poland documenting the history and legacy of the Polish Arabian Horse, Horsefly Films, join the equine community worldwide in urging everyone to join the letter-writing and petition campaigns imploring the new Polish government to reconsider its position and further, as a matter of great Polish national culture and heritage, to reaffirm its support and preservation of the State Studs of Poland.
Horsefly, who lived in Crabapple Creek, Ky., between 1856 and 1901.''
God was looking at me Perhaps thinking I was a horsefly Or a demon Or a
Some tunes are like a horsefly on the trail Circling close to your ears for miles, unbrushable, Though he's outside and they, buzzing unhushable, Inside.
Beyonce Knowles, known almost as much for her booty as for her hit albums, has a horsefly with a golden rear end named after her, according to the (,0,5467109.story?track=rss) Los Angeles Times .
And finally, a rare horsefly found in northern Australia has been named after Beyonc because of its prominent golden behind.
The company has commenced a multi-faceted exploration programme on its Gold Creek, Cedar-Louis and Horsefly Properties.