horse pistol

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a large pistol (usually in a holster) formerly carried by horsemen

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He was the guy who was always falling asleep, with the Teddy Roosevelt horse pistol that was always falling apart.
Prior information notice without call for competition: 7,65x17 mm caliber bullet cartridge used for horse pistol.
Great-Granddaddy's horse pistol hangs over the mantle--loaded.
Procurement Forecast for Cartridge 7,65X17 mm caliber bullet obi nuit for horse pistol.
Since the invention of the first crude flintlock horse pistol, attempts have been made to scale down the handguns to manageable proportions.
Just as influential, these handguns were designed as cavalry horse pistols, and many troopers wore their saber so it could be drawn and wielded by the right hand with the pistol holstered butt forward on the right side for left-hand access.
Another reads: "I went to Tynemouth Castle on Saturday evening and brought back with me 100 Horse Pistols, 300 rounds of ball cartridge and 150 flints which are deposited in the Moot Hall for the use of the Special Constables.