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Their talks revolved around the topics of investments and research in food security, water quality and energy, as well as cooperation over horse breeding, equitation and falconry.
Liz Morley, chair of the SHB(GB) showing committee, said: "We at Sport Horse Breeding see ourselves as the senior service of the societies and as such feel we must take the lead on this important issue.
Stanley Grange Stud has been operating as a successful horse breeding establishment since 1975.
The second part of the study involved a survey of over 7,000 members of the race horse breeding community requesting their economic data for 2009.
Feisty Penny Tweedy (Lane) takes over the running of her senile father's horse breeding ranch and employs trainer Lucien Laurin (a bizarrely attired Malkovich) to look after her new colt, nicknamed Big Red but officially called Secretariat.
It owns and operates dockside facilities, manufactures animal feeds and also specialises in horse breeding.
The program is part of the 40 programs being implemented by the Directorate General of Planning and HRD in collaboration with the Royal Cavalry of the Royal Court Affairs in a bid to improve the efficiency of workers at the Royal Cavalry and the Royal Entourage's Cavalry in areas related to horse breeding.
RETAIL: A very unique Internet Equine Classified Sales Business; has been endorsed by numerous top horse breeding associations.
Valeria Gursel said she owned her first horse with her wife Hulusi two years ago, and then she started horse breeding.
Our community members depend on horses for so many things--ranch management, cattle herding, entertainment (rodeo), leisure riding and horse breeding businesses,' Dunn said in the release.
For those who are in the horse riding sports or horse breeding business, there are plenty of spaces for exhibitors plus private stands for horse showing to accommodate whatever they may need to fit their requirements.
Owen and his wife run it as a horse breeding centre.
Of special note is what horse breeding and training expert Lesley Skipper has to saw on helping a horse to deal with the stress of travel and transportation, as well as ethical techniques for correcting bad habits and behavior in horses.
of Toronto) examines horse breeding and marketing practices in the US, Canada, and Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
A Sky film crew is following the star as he battles to become fit after his World Cup injury and sets up a horse breeding and training operation at a Cheshire farm.