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Synonyms for horror-struck



Synonyms for horror-struck

stricken with horror

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Only her words in Mama & Boris can express her feelings: unbelieving, saddened, sickened, shocked, horror-struck.
Saudi Arabia was horror-struck when Hosni Mubarak was brought down.
PHOENIX, July 22) The images are all too familiar--police tape around blood-spattered pavement, horror-struck onlookers, friends of victims bent over in grief, ambulances lined up like cabs at an airport.
The parents of 18-month-old Shiza Sohail Ahmad were horror-struck at how a home-cooked meal of beef and vegetables could have resulted in such terrible consequences for their only child.
The only witness to the accident was a track marshal who said: "I was horror-struck.
It was there that Middlehurst and his horror-struck guest made a ghastly discovery.
Black Cats chairman Niall Quinn had his head in his hands, but he still did not look as horror-struck as Mignolet after his personal nightmare.
Cooke and his colleagues were horror-struck when, on a stroll, they had found "a large number of human bones.
Unfortunately, I dropped the precious vase as she walked in with a horror-struck expression.
Jennifer, who gave birth to twins Max and Emme in 2008, was left horror-struck when she discovered the lump, and was praying day and night that it should not turn out to be serious.
I am horror-struck at your blatant dumbing down of the language, so that we are all forced to live in the banal world of the illiterate.
I'm practising looking horror-struck at home - eyes wide and screaming.
The same people would, no doubt, be horror-struck by wanton cruelty to children.
They might have just won a prestigious business award, but I am horror-struck to discover that they are turning my local pub, the Halfway in Cardiff's Pontcanna, into a ``London theme pub''.
MANY readers will have been horror-struck by the story of a recovering heroin addict, who spoke candidly about the seedy drugs underworld in Rugby this week.