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someone who makes or repairs watches

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Last month Sotheby's sold the clocks and watches either made, or collected, by the brilliant Isle of Man horologist George Daniels.
His film credits include The Last Trick, The Crop and The Horologist.
Sunday's clock adjustments will be made by consultant horologist Francis Brodie and overseen by the Science Museum's conservator Richard Horton.
He is an avid horologist, building, restoring and collecting clocks (with a specialty in 18th-century brass English clocks), and also holds a patent for a fiber optic connector.
THE STORY: Catherine Gehrig is a horologist, an expert in the science and instruments of measuring time, at London's Swinburne Museum.
His iconic Bentley was later bought by the groundbreaking horologist George Daniels, who owned it until his death last year.
Somewhere in the city of Florence, family man and horologist Giovanni Panerai was listening intently.
Horologist Michael - who runs the House of Automata store in Kinloss, Moray, with wife Maria - was aware of the tale, which is based on Brian Selznik's book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret.
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The horologist, John Harrison (1693-1776), did indeed develop the bi-metal balance spring and although he received several payments for his efforts, he did not win the official pounds 20,000 prize.
Beckett is descended from the first Lord Grimthorpe, a remarkable Victorian who was a QC, architect and amateur horologist.
I took a year-long intensive course under the guidance and friendship of horologist and engineer Pete Mitchell, and the late horologist Mick Watters.
Horologist Mark Crangle repairs the clock mechanism in the bell tower; and, right, project manager Michael McDermott at the back of one of the clock faces
Focusing on introspection rather than dialogue, Harding also plays with time, interrupting the narrative with stream-of-consciousness musings, present-tense passages, and entries from The Reasonable Horologist, a fictional clock-repair manual from 1783.
Horologist Matthew Read and his team carefully dismantled, photographed and documented more than 1,000 pieces which make up the life-size musical automaton, before starting the process in reverse.