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Her posthumously published volume, Beachy Head, Fables, and Other Poems (1807), introduces her poem, "The Horologe of the Fields: Addressed to a Young Lady, on Seeing at the House of an Acquaintance a Magnificent French Timepiece." (44) Throughout Smith's career, she wrote poems displaying acute knowledge of Linnaean botany.
As her title proclaims, this is the "horologe of the fields": to configure flowers in mimicry of a mechanized timepiece would corrupt nature into artifice.
(76) Subsequently, the poem was anthologized, sometimes with Smith's "Horologe of the Fields," in various nineteenth-century annuals (plant-pun always intended), pocket books, and giftbooks collecting poetry about flowers, displaying the poet's popularity.
Evoking contentions about plants' sentiency and motion, her flowers feelingly "laugh," and the word "sleep" easily refers to Linnaeus's "sleep of plants" that Smith's notes to "Horologe" discuss in detail (page 31).
La ville [Liege] est plus grande que Lyon, et est presque en mesme assiette, la riviere de Meuse passant au milieu ; tres-bien bastie, n'y ant maison de chanoine qui ne paroisse un beau palais ; les rues grandes et larges ; les places belles, accompagnees de tres-belles fontaines ; les eglises ornees de tant de marbre (qui se tire prez de la), qu'elles en paroissent toutes ; les horologes faits avec l'industrie d'Allemagne, chantants et representants toutes sortes de musique et de personnages.