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someone who makes or repairs watches

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The founder, president and master horologer of the company that created the Bugatti 370, the world's first watch with a transverse movement, said his company had actually expanded operations to position itself for the next boom in luxury goods.
Stem learned about the manufacturing of components of bracelets and watchcases at Patek Philippe workshops, and then worked closely with great watchmakers who taught him the unparalleled quality of the horologer's craft.
argues that God should not be thought of, even tangentially, as the Grand Horologer or engineer of the universe.
Ten years ago, luxury horologers were using only traditional materials and color-precious metals like gold, platinum and steel.
Luxury watchmakers based there, including Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre, need at least that many workers, leaving them dependent on French to top up the ranks of horologers.