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Joining what promises to be a lively discussion are Pascal Winkelmann of the Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association, Moses Leung of The Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries, Shunhua Zhu of the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, and Mr Zhang of the China Horologe Association.
As her title proclaims, this is the "horologe of the fields": to configure flowers in mimicry of a mechanized timepiece would corrupt nature into artifice.
(76) Subsequently, the poem was anthologized, sometimes with Smith's "Horologe of the Fields," in various nineteenth-century annuals (plant-pun always intended), pocket books, and giftbooks collecting poetry about flowers, displaying the poet's popularity.
Evoking contentions about plants' sentiency and motion, her flowers feelingly "laugh," and the word "sleep" easily refers to Linnaeus's "sleep of plants" that Smith's notes to "Horologe" discuss in detail (page 31).
(79) Unlike the more caustic critical reactions to Smith's scientific poetry, Hemans's reviewers describe her works as "always welcome" and her name as one "the eye rests upon with delight," deeming her "Dial" "an exquisite little poem." (80) Titling her poem, "The Dial of Flowers," rather than punning on the "watch" of flora or flower "clock," Hemans avoids these modern mechanical, artificial devices in favor of the sundial's more primitive technology to analogize vegetable horologes and their use of light.
During the visit to Switzerland by the Chinese Prime Minister Li Kequiang on 24 May 2013, the FH and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) signed a memorandum of agreement with the China Horologe Association and the Chinese Minister for Industry and Information Technologies.
Before then I had been playing much more chamber-style music on the Horologe of Dreamers and in another group on the pot, and I was too absorbed in that almost ambient music.
"It all started in the Sumava Forest, first of all just for the reason that there were no musical instruments there", recounted Jaroslav Koran in 1993, and since then not much about the Horologe of Dreamers [Orloj snivcu] has changed.
The Horologe of Dreamers is both a music project and the original musical instrument through which all the music is realised.
The horologe is a sound installation made of found metal objects.
Koran has been continuing to improve and tune the Horologe to this day by patient selection of iron bars, pegs, nails, and tin plates.
First there is a review of a CD by the Durman & Posejpal duo, and then an article on Horologe of Dreamers, a free association of free improvisers.
Then he justifies: when wicked men sin, they do so "as much against their own horologes, as against the heavenly chronometer."
[...] Estant arrivee a Valenciennes, ville qui cede en force a Cambray, et non en l'ornement des belles places et belles eglises, ou les fontaines et les horologes, avec industrie propre aux Allemans, ne donnoient peu de merveille a nos Francois, ne leur estant commun de voir des horologes representer une agreable musique de voix, avec autant de sorte de personnes que le petit chasteau que l'on alloit voir pour chose rare au fauxbourg Sainct-Germain.
La ville [Liege] est plus grande que Lyon, et est presque en mesme assiette, la riviere de Meuse passant au milieu ; tres-bien bastie, n'y ant maison de chanoine qui ne paroisse un beau palais ; les rues grandes et larges ; les places belles, accompagnees de tres-belles fontaines ; les eglises ornees de tant de marbre (qui se tire prez de la), qu'elles en paroissent toutes ; les horologes faits avec l'industrie d'Allemagne, chantants et representants toutes sortes de musique et de personnages.