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any aquatic plant of the genus Ceratophyllum

liverworts with slender hornlike capsules

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For a historical perspective, Bold and coauthors (1980) employed the division names Hepatophyta, Anthocerotophyta, and Bryophyta for the liverworts, hornworts, and mosses, respectively.
The Hornworts (Anthocerophytina) are a small (about 500 species in 12 genera) but evolutionarily important group as the most current phylogenies find them to be the closest extant relatives of the tracheophytes (Carafa et al.
Sporophytes of bryophytes (liverworts, hornworts, mosses) are at least partially dependent upon gametophytes for nutrition in the life cycle; that is, total sporophyte independency is not attained in the Bryophyta (s.
Twenty-three species of mosses, 13 species of liverworts and hornworts and 47 species of lichens were recorded and identified at least to genus level from the 26 sites.
Goffinet & Shaw, 2009), we believe the classification of Crum and Anderson (1981) of the bryophytes as a single Division with three subdivisions--liverworts (Marchantiophytina), mosses (Bryophytina), and hornworts (Anthocerophytina)--best reflects the overall relationships of monosporangiates.
As far as the number of hornworts, liverworts and moss taxa is concerned, Albania counts for 3, 89 and 258 respectively, and Macedonia for 1, 71 (all referable to old reports) and 403 respectively.
According to the website, "the PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.
The valley is home to many liverworts, mosses, hornworts and vascular plants.
patens and the other bryophytes, such as the hornworts and liverworts.
Bryophytes-- Mosses, liverworts, Spores nonvascular hornworts and seedless Seedless Lycophytes Spores vascular plants-- (mostly vascular plants extinct today) that do not and ferns produce seeds Gymnosperms-- Pine, fir, redwood, Pollen vascular plants spruce, Cyprus, etc.
In this case, bunches of hornworts were anchored in the gravel to help balance the water.
Trees, liverworts, hornworts, true mosses, ferns, cycads, and all flowering plants (grasses, herbs, vegetables and most shrubs) are agreed upon by all to be Plantae.
The Natural History Museum is also working with volunteers from the British Bryological Society on a three-year national survey of mosses, liverworts, and hornworts living on arable land.
Class 2 Anthocerotopsida (Anthocerophyta, Hornworts, Horned Liverworts)
lichens, mosses, liverworts, and hornworts to assess which ones are rare.