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I had a great weekend - a lot of ups and downs- but I'd definitely like to forget about getting pinned and beat in the ring by a 4ft 5in leprechaun named Hornswoggle.
CHAMPION - John Cena We were then given a hilarious piece of entertainment from miniature wrestler Hornswoggle, who managed to escape the Master Lock Challenge The 'Divas' were next in a three-way championship that showed that the ladies can also perform to the highest level.
Unfortunately, they happen to be Brad Potter, Angelina Hornswoggle, Oprah Smith and Kylie Pratt.
Participating ensembles include the University of California Santa Barbara horn choir, led by Steve Gross, and San Diego's horn choir Hornswoggle.
In addition to Leprechaun, starring WWE wrestler Hornswoggle and set up at Lionsgate, WWE has a stake in thriller No One Lives, with Evans and grappler Brodus Clay, a Toronto pickup that Anchor Bay will distribute as a limited release May 10; the direct-to-homevid sequel 12 Rounds: Reload (Randy Orton); and the Scooby Doo pic, The Curse of the Ghost Bead from Warner Bros.
The end of WWE's 2012 also includes Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett successfully defending his newly won title against former champion Kofi Kingston, The Miz beating Heath Slater, The Great Khali, Hornswoggle and Natalya winning a throwaway match against Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes, and Tamina Snuka defeating Layla.
We also had a surprise visit from Hornswoggle (the golden leprechaun).
Add whopper, untruth, make-believe, cozenage and hornswoggle and we're up to 50.
But the authors nail Bush for his willingness to have his hired hands try to hornswoggle the jug-eared wild-card.
Eldon Matlick, University of Oklahoma, took graduate students Mathew Evans and Evan Chancellor and newcomer Danielle Reynolds to the Hornswoggle Horn Camp at Hummingbird Music Camp in Jemez Springs NM, where the guest artist was Brian O'Connor.
CM Punk wasn't in the holiday mood when he cut his promo, interrupting Hornswoggle, who was singing Christmas carols.
Not when its wrestlers go by names like Undertaker and spit out bites of apples like Carlito, or when its chairman Vince McMahon body-slams an Irish midget named Hornswoggle, otherwise known as Little Bastard.
Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle defeated Primo, Epico, Tensai and David Otunga.
I can only conclude that someone is trying to hornswoggle me.