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Their range overlaps with the great horned owl, which can become a predator of the barred owl by eating its eggs, young, and even the adults.
A group of crows swooping and making a ruckus--mobbing--are likely trying to drive off a great horned owl.
The Great Horned Owl is a formidable predator, stalking from high above or walking nimbly around backyard bushes.
Trophic ecology of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) has recently received considerable attention (Houston and others 1998; Johnsgrad 2002).
To do this, we broadcast calls of a Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus).
A great horned owl had an amazing escape after it was hit at 60mph by a car on a US motorway.
Created by Street Characters of Calgary, AB, Flyte, the seven-foot-tall great horned owl becomes the first mascot and chief brand ambassador in 85 years for the FFA.
Nature bonding activities include increasing nature awareness, rediscovering the leaf, map making, creating a food web, creating a nature area, experiencing live animals in the classroom, imitating a great horned owl and photographing birds.
The detective leads us to the barn to meet a live great horned owl and learn why they eat skunks.
A great horned owl hides in the towering shelter over Casa Grande--until the park ranger discerns his cry.
I saw movement in the nest--there were the little tufts of feathers, the tufts that give the great horned owl its name.
The constant enemies of the ferruginous hawk also come into play--the coyote and the Great Horned Owl.
a fearsome great horned owl refuses to get in a flap as a cheeky fish crow swoops to nab its supper.
The remaining chapters present radiographic images of 12 types of domestic birds and 4 wild birds--pigeon, mallard, red tailed hawk, and great horned owl.