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Antonyms for horned

having a horn or horns or hornlike parts or horns of a particular kind


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Here horned creatures are conspicuous as sacred symbols, often in hybrid combination of the human and animal, with the animal nature deemed (as Henri Frankfort suggests in his book Ancient Egyptian Religion) more powerful because more pervasive and enduring than individual human identity.
As an unsuspecting horned male stands guard at the entrance to a female's tunnel, a hornless male digs a horizontal side tunnel that connects to it.
The prongless males grew testes that were about 30 percent larger than those of comparably sized, horned males, Simmons and Emlen report.
He and his colleagues compared the length of the horns on dangling remains of horned lizards with horn lengths of lizards still alive.
Nature keeps male horned weevils from stupid scraps.