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While the jury is still out on the safety of any hormone therapy, it looks like low doses of bioidentical hormones are safer than traditional synthetic hormones.
If your problem is low sex hormones, which is quite probably the scenario based on your age, it can be corrected with proper hormone replacement, and not just a daily multivitamin as your physician suggested.
A hormone can also diffuse within the extracellular fluid to effect changes in nearby cells and, in some cases, the very cell that produces the hormone.
According to the Medical Dictionary, a hormone is a substance produced within the body of an animal and carried by the blood to an organ that it stimulates.
Under stress, the brain releases CRF, a hormone, into the bloodstream.
Most cases of hypothyroidism occur when the immune system attacks thyroid cells, damaging them so they don't make enough thyroid hormone.
But an estimated 30,000 generally healthy people in the United States, mostly elderly adults, take the hormone for its putative antiaging effects.
All hormone products, bio-identical or not, are manufactured in a lab.
Hormone disruptors--chemicals that mimic our natural hormones--are everywhere, from the dioxins in chlorine-bleached paper to the solvents in Styrofoam, from the phthalates in plastics to the parabens in personal-care products.
One limitation of the study is that the hormone was studied only in normal mice, and not in fat ones.
Patients will receive 2-hour intravenous infusions of 640 mg OGX-011 weekly plus concomitant hormone ablation therapy for 12 weeks prior to radical prostatectomy.
However, neither of these studies determined the changes in circulating thyroid hormones or whole-body thyroid hormone content.
One hormone group, known as anabolic steroids, affect muscle growth and control male characteristics.
In the 6-8 months after publication of findings from the Women's Health Initiative on the risks associated with postmenopausal hormone therapy, more than half of women in a large California health plan who had been regularly using hormone therapy tried to stop, even though two-thirds overall did not know what the study's main findings were, according to a survey of female members of the plan.
AFI: When taking hormone therapy or HRT in patch form, the body is able to absorb the hormones directly through the skin.