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a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line

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Therefore, the main objective of this work is to study the performance of 31 solar models not based on sunshine duration in predicting the monthly average daily global solar radiation on a horizontal surface at specific site.
Another factor that may influence the scaling relationships between size and speed in gastropods is whether the animals are crawling on a vertical or a horizontal surface.
Other scientists said that the main global irradiation falling on horizontal surface is about 200-250 watt per m2 per day.
Mastics and adhesives should never be used on floor tile or any horizontal surface exposed to water.
The protruding nodule, located in middle part of vertical link on one of the straight legs, divides the link in two parts and prevents potential contact with the horizontal surface.
Therefore, it is rather important to develop method to estimate the global and diffuse solar radiation using climatological parameters because detail information about the availability of solar radiation on horizontal surface is very essential for the design and study of solar energy convention system.
The Public Relations of Gatwan Olya Dam and Power Plant Management, which is in charge of executing the project in collaboration with the Provincial Water and Power Development Company announcing the news added that the horizontal surface of the bridge is metallic, its pillars and pillions are fortified cement and the method applied in its construction is a combination of the existing most advanced bridge building technologies around the globe.
The detection system employs a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave biosensor array functionalized with selective ligands.
It gives the full rangge of mouse capabilities, without the use of a pad or any horizontal surface.
Intermittent contacts with a wall and a horizontal surface are computed and modeled, respectively.
The docking unit allows the Cable Capture to attach to any vertical or horizontal surface.
Despite the differences in horizontal surface area described in the previous section, changing the size of the circular neighbourhood does not have a marked influence on the altitudinal range occupied by sub-horizontal denudation surfaces; however, such surfaces do become progressively more pronounced as the size of the circular neighbourhood increases.
Four types of examination will be carried out:--resistance to breakthrough,--pressure on horizontal surface,--pressure on the corrugated carton edge,--resistance to bursting.
Formulated to be used on any concrete horizontal surface indoors and outdoors such as patios, porches, garage and basement floors, Drylok E1 creates a semi-gloss finish and is available in four colors--Slate Gray, Light Platinum, Natural Sand and Arctic White.
Horizontal surface winds fed the insatiable fire by transporting fuel into the whirlwind, heating the air, enhancing its buoyancy, and increasing the whirlwind circulation.
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