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the horizontal airfoil of an aircraft's tail assembly that is fixed and to which the elevator is hinged

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The left and right horizontal stabilizers were located about 850 feet and 790 feet, respectively, from the main wreckage.
Rockwell Collins horizontal stabilizer trim actuator controls the pitch of the horizontal stabilizer in order to reduce drag and trim the aircraft for optimal efficient flight.
He immediately saw the problem: the control cable that connects the horizontal stabilizer to the components in the front of the aircraft was frayed almost to the point of breaking.
Boeing says the proximity of the two facilities will help improve the efficiency from component fabrication to assembly of the 787-9 horizontal stabilizer.
The Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator (THSA) and Throttle Control Assembly (TCA) are supplied by Ratier-Figeac.
Under the terms of the agreement Hamilton Sundstrand will provide the same suite of systems it is currently providing for the A320 family of aircraft, including the electric power generation system, cabin pressure control system, emergency ram air turbine, auxiliary power unit, cabin signage lighting, flight and cockpit controls and door and horizontal stabilizer actuation.
The Seattle Times had reported that a quality issue with the horizontal stabilizer, the smaller wing on the plane's tail, has forced Boeing to temporarily ground its fleet though delivery schedules and flight testing would remain unaffected.
The damage to the aircraft: a two-inch-by-eight-inch gouge on the outer edge of the horizontal stabilizer.
Recently, a series of problems involving F-15 jets have been reported, with part of the engine of one falling into the Sea of Japan off Hokkaido and part of the horizontal stabilizer of another dropping off at an aviation festival in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Wheel kits and nets are free with Complete Packages, which include two goals, two nets, built-in transport wheel kits and rear horizontal stabilizer bars, auger style hold downs, and QwikTrack net attachment kits.
A fisherman reportedly found a section of what has been described as a piece of the aircraft's right horizontal stabilizer in the Makassar Strait some 185 mi.
When they were dismantling the plane for shipment back to the States, they removed a section of high-frequency radio antenna wire that had partially broken off and wrapped itself around the left horizontal stabilizer.
Joshua Gosney discovered a horizontal stabilizer bushing wedged underneath the right horizontal stabilizer control arm or horn.
The horizontal stabilizer is what appears to be small wings at the rear of an airplane.
On February 10, after the NTSB announced that Flight 261's stabilizer jackscrew--a major component on the Boeing MD-80's horizontal stabilizer--showed signs of damage, both Alaska Airlines and American Airlines announced plans to inspect 318 MD-80 and MD-90 jetliners in service (34 of which were Alaska planes) for damaged horizontal stabilizers.