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the horizontal airfoil of an aircraft's tail assembly that is fixed and to which the elevator is hinged

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If a plane lost its horizontal stabiliser, it would be unable to keep the nose pointed at the proper angle up or down, and the plane would begin an uncontrollable dive.
Ratier-Figeac of France, a Hamilton Sundstrand business, supplies the aircraft with Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser Actuator (THSA), Throttle Control Assembly (TCA) and its Propeller System.
While concerns about availability of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines dog its 787 programme, Boeing continues to wrestle with workmanship issues on the aircraft's Alenia-built horizontal stabiliser. Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief executive Jim Albaugh says Boeing will have to "do some re-shimming and we'll have to do some analysis" on most of the existing crop of 27 stabilisers already delivered from Italy to final assembly in Everett, though "we're not too worried" about later units, thanks to Boeing personnel at Alenia's Foggia facility.
The company had previously indicated that the cumulative impact of a series of issues, including supplier workmanship issues related to the horizontal stabiliser and instrumentation delays could push first delivery of the 787 a few weeks into 2011.
Grob Aircraft The Grob G180A business jet prototype that crashed fatally during a demonstration flight in 2006 went out of control when aerodynamic flutter developed in the aircraft's horizontal stabiliser, according to the German accident investigation agency the BFU.
While the wingtips cleared one another, the RJ85's horizontal stabiliser passed under and scored the right stabiliser of the RJ100.
US Air Force investigators have determined that a Boeing B-52[sup.1]s incorrectly positioned horizontal stabiliser trim led the bomber to crash north-west of Guam on 21 July last year, killing all six crew.
HITCO Carbon Composites Inc has received a contract to supply the trailing edge components for the Boeing 787 horizontal stabiliser.
The 'ultimate load testing' of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner horizontal stabiliser has been completed by Alenia Aeronautica at the Laboratory of Structural Tests at Alenia's Pomigliano plant in Naples, Italy.
Flow said the Airbus Illescas Plant will use the new waterjet system to machine composite horizontal stabiliser structures for the A320 when the system is delivered in about ten months.
The part is reportedly a tail horizontal stabiliser, the right side, with a length ofabout one metre.
The National Transportation Safety Board recently concluded that a lack of grease on a jackscrew assembly controlling the tail-mounted horizontal stabiliser caused the crash.
The American Airlines aircraft apparently had the tip of one of its wings sheared off when it clipped the horizontal stabiliser of the Delta aircraft.
The incident occurred as the aircraft was descending though 6,000 feet on approach to the Paris airport and the flight crew said that the aircraft did not respond as expected to control column inputs and that the horizontal stabiliser trim was used for pitch control.
Problems with the aircraft's horizontal stabiliser are believed to have been a factor in the accident.