horizontal integration

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absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in the same level of production and sharing resources at that level

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Seeing the state of the company empirically, where capital and human resources are still not maximized, the market penetration strategy and horizontal integration strategy are two realistic strategies to implement.
The specialists observe especially vertical and horizontal integration of the hospitals and its influence on the increase of effectiveness of healthcare provision.
Authoritative PLA publications advocate avoiding directly engaging an adversary's main forces and instead conducting "focal point" strikes on targets such as command and control centers, information systems, transportation hubs, and logistics systems, with the goal of rendering the adversary "blind" and "paralyzed." The transient and unpredictable nature of opportunities to attack such targets means that effectively implementing this doctrine requires an agile organization that is decentralized, has a low degree of standardization, and has a high degree of horizontal integration. By all accounts, however, the PLA has precisely the opposite type of organization.
Concepts of vertical and horizontal integration as an approach to integrated curriculum.
These included developing a horizontal integration maturity model for health and human service (H/HS) agencies, technical guidance documents on financing and technology, two documents on the use of Big Data--an Analytic Capability Road Map and the Roadmap for Analytic Capacity Building--as well as state and local workforce development and analytics committees, all of which can be found on APHSA's National Collaborative web page.
Dale Nash, executive director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, which owns and operates MARS, will provide a tour of the pad, and Mike Pinkston, Orbital ATK general manager and vice president of the Antares program, will lead a tour of the company's Horizontal Integration Facility.
The Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, is rolled out of the Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF) to launch Pad-0A, Friday, Oct.
Industry 4.0: vertical networking, horizontal integration, through-engineering,
He noted that there will be specific standards for accepting suggested projects, underscoring the need for vertical and horizontal integration of the programs.
As with Apple, the essential elements of that experience-the ease of use and quantity of personal service-depend on a lot of vertical and horizontal integration. Which, in the end, produces many conflicts-or, if you will, synergy.
To evaluate the effectiveness of horizontal integration in the teaching learning methods.
We back the importance of a horizontal integration of the migratory dimension in other European policies, the possible development of new rules on mutual recognition of asylum decisions and the idea of creating a European system of Border Control Guards.
* The horizontal integration of business and manufacturing processes involving suppliers and customers;
Horizontal integration involves collaboration on protection programs and missions at the installation, component, and DOD levels to holistically understand criticality, threats, hazards, vulnerabilities, and the consequences of the loss of an asset or capability on mission accomplishment.
This strategy involves vertical and horizontal integration. Vertical integration refers to consolidation between the upper-side company, which plans and produces the product in the pay broadcasting market, and the lower-side company, which supplies the product to consumers.
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