horizontal combination

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absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in the same level of production and sharing resources at that level

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In particular, it exhibited the first two of the three components identified above, an upstream horizontal component (the horizontal combination of Comcast's programming assets with NBCU's programming assets) and a vertical component (the vertical combination of NBCU's programming assets with Comcast's distribution assets.) The FCC concluded that significant competitive harms would result from both aspects of the transaction and imposed conditions that were intended to ameliorate these harms.
The third component of the current transaction -- the horizontal combination of Comcast's distribution assets with TWC's distribution assets -- did not arise in the Comcast-NBCU transaction and raises significant and troubling new issues.
In Europe, horizontal combinations and price-fixing agreements (shipping conferences being notable examples) were acceptable although not legally enforceable forms of business practice.
Fourth, horizontal combinations were able to exploit a cost advantage from economies of scale and scope only if a central administrative control was quickly established which could rationalized production.
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