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gymnastic apparatus consisting of a bar supported in a horizontal position by uprights at both ends

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Kuwait took gold in the boys' under-14 springboard, while Qatar's Ruslan Anees won the top spot in the boys' under-12 horizontal bar.
Already a winner of two golds at this Games, and three in Beijing, horizontal bar is Kai's best event and he should be oddson.
On the final day, Friday, finals include men's vault, women's balance beam, men's and women's parallel bars and horizontal bars.
Slide the paper-clip ends over the two outer vertical straws to form the two middle horizontal bars.
Tomita also qualified for the pommel horse, parallel bars and horizontal bar finals based on the results in each apparatus, while Takehito Mori advanced to the parallel bars and horizontal bar finals.
0 in the horizontal bar final saw him finish second to Australian Damian Istria by 0.
Down below, the Moto X Step Up competition was taking place, featuring five high-flying motorcycle riders attempting to jump over a horizontal bar held up between two vertical bars.
The horizontal bar above the member where Jesus' arms are outstretched symbolizes the sign placed above his head that bore the inscription "King of the Jews.
He also finished second on the pommel and took bronze in the horizontal bar and finished second overall in the men's competition.
The system electronically responds to a special device carried by cars when they come to the gate, allowing them to enter the lot without stopping by automatically raising the horizontal bar.
99) is cut wide at the top so jackets are assured of hanging crease-free, with a wide horizontal bar at the bottom to drape trousers over, a small top oval to slide ties into, and bottom notches for belts.
Information is presented in a variety of formats such as vertical trend, horizontal trend, vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph or large numeric, and custom displays are also fully supported.
The hitching post is described in department regulations as a horizontal bar made of sturdy, nonflexible materials "placed at 57 inches and 45 inches from the ground so as to accommodate inmates of varying heights.
THIS ARTICLE PROVIDES four tools--the horizontal bar graph, the Gantt chart, the thermometer chart and the bubble graph--that can be added to spreadsheets by formatting the data in the right way and by writing a few formulas.
Standard horizontal bar or custom-designed branding wheels are available.
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