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Synonyms for hop-picker

a machine used for picking hops


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A resident of the adjoining parish, named William Grainger, a rabbit catcher, is in custody on suspicion of having caused the death of a hop-picker named George Stanley, by shooting him.
I wrote a TV series years ago about Kent hop-pickers that got picked up by a TV company but never made.
At its most basic level, the UK Government is seeking a continuing role to deal with matters like conduct in public lavatories, standards of cleanliness in tattoo parlours and acupuncture clinics, and the management of accommodation for hop-pickers and similar seasonal workers.
Hop-pickers of the past might not have considered their strange roof lines worth a second look, no more than today's country folk admire a modern grain store.
Its name is derived from the stilts that hop-pickers traditionally wore, although it could just as easily be applied to its very pleasant dry, clinging flavour and aftertaste.