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Synonyms for hoot

Synonyms for hoot

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for hoot

a loud raucous cry (as of an owl)

a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

to utter a loud clamorous shout

utter the characteristic sound of owls

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Their leader is Heron, Charley's father, whom Charley has long idolized--based on a picture--but doesn't meet until the Wilds stage a raid on the Hoot town where Charley lives, kill quite a few Hoots, and liberate the Tames.
The Big Hoot saw 89 huge owls, individually decorated by the great and the good of Brum, dotted across the city.
Once again the trail is in aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital, like the Big Hoot.
Hoot recruited a new cohort of artists who worked in pairs with their groups over 10 sessions to create visual art, film, dance, singing, music and writing.
Against the black backdrop of the night sky, Hoot Owl sets off hungrily to try and catch some dinner.
com)-- Big House Publishing, a boutique music publishing agency largely focused in synchronization licensing, is pleased to announce that it has landed notable song titles from Luke Rathborne, AM Aesthetic, Colors In The Air, Hardbodies & The Hoot Hoots.
IN THE 1920s, when the demand for iron ore was in decline in Brotton, the miners would listen for the mine hooter every morning - one hoot for "there is work today", two hoots for "stay in bed".
GIGGLE and HOOT Hoot's Lullaby ABC, 2010 unpaged $12.
Circle Oilconfirms a gas discovery in both the Main Hoot target and a secondary Mid Hoot target.
The KSR-8 well has tested two zones, the first in the Upper Hoot formation and the second in the Main Hoot formation, with net pay of 2.
Hoot, Professor, SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, joined ACEI 35 years ago when an undergraduate professor required his class to join a professional organization.
BRITISH drivers really do give a hoot - in fact they beep their horns more than 30 billion times a year.
Mr Braham told the court: "This is a serious matter and not the case where my client does not care a hoot about the outcome of it.