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Synonyms for hoot

Synonyms for hoot

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for hoot

a loud raucous cry (as of an owl)

a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

to utter a loud clamorous shout

utter the characteristic sound of owls

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The Hoot platform offers a seamless integration across all e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Yahoo, Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, and Squarespace.
Which now brings us back to Grandma Hoot. This past spring, Taka and Melissa Kagiyama, a couple in their early 30s, purchased Grandma Hoot Products.
The pair recently collaborated on I Want To Be In A Scary Story which continues the winning combination of deadpan humour and bold comic illustrations that made Hoot Owl Master of Disguise so memorable.
Not only one hoot but over and over as those in control of that incessant object grow more and more impatient.
The Guebbas Zones will be tested at a later date following production and depletion of the Intra Hoot producing zone.
The well tested gas at a rate of four million square cubic feet a day on a 16/64 inch choke from the Intra Hoot.
The well first tested gas at a sustained rate of 3.57mmscf/d on a 24/64-inch choke from the Main Hoot.
Guests invited to speak included Sandra Hoot OAM (Bennelong YR@W Committee), Judy King (Principal of Riverside Girls High School), John Robertson (Secretary UnionsNSW) and local representatives from NSWNA branches.
Telecomms company BT has revealed that it is expanding the ITS voice trading platform in order to include built-in voice recording and enterprise hoot and intercom capabilities.
Now available (Back Stage Books) With family pals like Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe, it was a hoot to be Luke Yankee, son of Oscar-winning actress Eileen Heckart.
"They readily hoot back from as close as six feet when they hear our tape recordings, and they easily accept a mouse (which contains a tiny, swallowable, $500 radio transmitter for location tracking)." Therefore we know their location, their habits, their biological needs."
The meeting of the Mid Yorkshire Network, to be held from 9am to 11am on Wednesday, May 16, at the Media Centre's Cafe Ollo, will include a singing workshop led by Huddersfield-based charity Hoot Creative Arts, The meeting - to be held during Mental Health Awareness Week - will raise awareness of the issue, discuss ways to relieve workplace stress and discover the therapeutic benefits of song.
LAST year's Big Hoot owl hunt across Birmingham was such a success it is set for a comeback in 2017 - but this time with sun bears.
LAST year's Big Hoot owl hunt across the city was such a success it is set for a comeback in 2017 - but this time with sun bears!