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blatant or sensational promotion

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Look for the link to access Hoopla on the library's Twitter account, Facebook page, or website: www.boylstonlibrary.org.
"Hoopla Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Glacier hops for a fruity, floral hop aroma and flavor that will have your taste buds dancing," reported Tess McFadden, Boulder marketing director.
The hoopla gear was sent to Dr David Lucy, a statistics expert at Lancaster University.
Local label Official 1 Records has inked a deal with the Arkansas RimRockers to be a part of the National Basketball Association Development League team's pre-game hoopla during home games at Alltel Arena.
Maybe all the hoopla about video games rotting some people's minds is true.--Editor
In spite of all of the hoopla about valuation models, my private company--since it issues SARs--has been using fair value anyway.
This was brought home with some force at the end of last year, when PBS, with great hoopla, rebroadcast Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1957 made-for-television musical, Cinderella.
This article includes the following sections: Taking Charge--Briefly; Whole Language Hoopla; Constructing School Failure; You Will be (Re)Educated; and Potemkin Village Reform.
At the Bezedy Wilshire, Farrell just laughs about the hoopla. "'Oh, my God, Colin Farrell's cock!'" he says, imitating the hysteria of a few unnamed magazine editors.
How excited we felt as we climbed the gang-plank and waited for the ship to start on her wonderful voyage to Seacombe and then on to New Brighton where we visited the amusement park with all the wonderful rides and other attractions, such as rolling the penny and the hoopla stalls, and not forgetting the fortune teller in her little tent.
In the recent hoopla about the "greatest generation," David Dellinger, who died on May 25, at 88, did not get his proper due.
Sliding down the grassy hillsides in flattened cardboard boxes, marbles, hoopla hoops, home-made bows and arrows, kite flying.
So, I take all that marketing hoopla with a grain of salt.
Such continuing problems and all the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary have inspired a batch of new and revised books about that historic decision.
All the recent hoopla over screening air cargo on passenger flights could be one reason why Massport, the agency that runs Logan International Airport in Boston, last month became the first airport in the country to screen air cargo before it was loaded on commercial flights.