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pine of Australia and New Guinea

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Hoop pine plantations, rainforest and pasture were sampled for soil and plant litter within 32 by 32 m quadrats near the centre of each site, with a minimum distance of 10 m from the edge.
In order to compare SOC stocks between sites, total soil C values were scaled to the same equivalent soil mass measured under the 63-year hoop pine site.
Soil C stocks in the top 0.3 m of soil under 25-, 34-, and 63-year-old hoop pine plantations were lower than under pasture, rainforest, and the 50-year hoop pine plantation, and this difference was also observed when comparing C stocks to 0.1 m depth (Table 1).
Native hoop pine plantation c 1 year between windrows 10.1a 50.1a 4.10a d 1 year under windrows 13.3a 63.1a 3.90a Site 3.
Bubb KA, Xu ZH, Simpson JA, Saffigna PG (1998) In situ measurements of soil mineral-nitrogen fluxes in hoop pine plantations of subtropical Australia.
Dermosols of the hoop pine plantations at Imbil lost 83-92% of their initial soil mass during the HF treatment.
There was no explanation for this high recovery of C in SOM from areas between the windrows of a 3-year-old hoop pine plantation (Table 2), as C was determined by the combustion method of IRMS.
Mathers NJ, Xu ZH, Blumfield TJ, Berners-Price SJ, Saffigna PG (2002) Composition and quality of harvest residues and soil organic matter under windrow residue management in young hoop pine plantations as revealed by solid-state [sup.13]C NMR spectroscopy.
Dr John Kanowski, Regional Ecologist, North Eastern Australia for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, studied three types of projects: monoculture plantations of native hoop pines, mixed species plantations, and rainforest restoration projects comprised of a diverse range of rainforest trees.
I head down to the beach past stately banyan trees, hoop pines, coconut palms and a sign that reads: "WARNING--MARINE STINGERS--are Dangerous ...
As you cruise into Nelly Bay, on Magnetic Island, granite outcrops tower over the harbour and tall, emerald-green hoop pines sway in the breeze.