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Synonyms for hookup

Synonyms for hookup

a device providing a connection between a power source and a user

a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose


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Among the 1988-1996 cohort, 65.2 percent reported having sex weekly or more often in the past year, compared to 59.3 percent of college students from the "hookup era."
The study by researchers with The Miriam Hospital's Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine suggests there are certain factors and behaviors associated with sexual hookups, particularly among first-year college women.
This challenges the assertion of the existence of a new hookup culture, however, GSS data were collected nationally at non-collegiate sites, so these results may not adequately reflect college specific changes.
But what if the hookup fees and sales tax didn't apply to the same house?
The majority of the hookup literature is focused on public health concerns since hooking up is considered a sexual risk behavior (i.e.
Consent on Campus: A Manifesto poignantly captures the embarrassment engrained within hookup culture.
Another says that even getting up the courage to ask his crush on a date was more exciting and meaningful than a hookup experience.
Still, American Hookup could be a helpful conversation starter--and Wade's takeaways about how to make the culture of hooking up kinder and more compassionate are well supported and important.
If anything, Tinder Social may help the company distance itself from the image of a hookup app.
The hookup makes the trailer tilt backwards instead of being level.
The end of sex; how hookup culture is leaving a generation unhappy, sexually unfulfilled, and confused about intimacy.
Donna Freitas's THE END OF SEX: HOW HOOKUP CULTURE IS LEAVING A GENERATION UNHAPPY, SEXUALLY UNFULFILLED AND CONFUSED ABOUT INTIMACY (9780465002153, $25.99) builds on the author's previous survey of U.S.
In another story, Blake, a post-op trans man meets a cis-man for a sexy hookup, later tests positive for an STI and grapples with having another "complicated thing to come out about" to future sexual partners.